Welcome To The Official Church Website of The Auckland Deaf Christian Fellowship

Welcome to the Auckland Deaf Christian Fellowship official web page!  You are invited to join us as we celebrate God’s wonderful gift to us and to all people.  The gift of hope, the gift of peace, joy and love!  We pray that you will be blessed and held in the arms of God throughout the whole year.  There are a number of specials articles on this web site, which we offer to you for free.  Especially the Training Programmes which have been developed with and for Deaf people.  The series of courses will be growing over time, and will be offered for everyone.  However, we do ask that if you use them, you let people know where they came from.
From the end of January 2017, we will be having a new Lay Ministry team of Deaf people to take over after Rev Sandra retires.  We want to give a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Glenn, Johanna and Barbara for taking on this ministry.  may God bless you, keep you and hold you in arms of love.