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 Leadership Team:

Our leadership team recognizes the authority of God, and realizes that we are shepherds who serve under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We desire to devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. Our passion and goal is to equip the believers for the work of the ministry of Christ.


Minister: Rev Sandra Gibbons B.Min, PG Dip Ed (Guidance Studies), Cert CPE, Cert Min

Sandra(h) is dedicated to working with Deaf people to explore ways in which we can all worship God in a very real and experiential way.  She cares deeply for the Fellowship and for Deaf people, knowing that God has shown Deaf ways to worship which hearing people cannot understand.  She says, ‘There is a lot to share, and a lot to learn from one another.  We are God’s children, knitted together in unity and in different ways that make us look like all the shades of the rainbow.’  Sandra works with Deaf people in the community as well as the members of the ADCF to try to break down barriers and bring support where needed.  Her previous work as a counsellor helps with this. She has a bachelor of Ministries from Bible College of New Zealand, a post graduate diploma in Education: Guidance Studies through Massey University, Clinical Pastoral Education and a post graduate certificate in ministry through the University of Auckland for the Methodist Church.  She was ordained in 2006 by the Methodist Church of New Zealand for working with Deaf people.

ADCF Committee


Glenn SchiRPC April - May 09 014schka(D) is Chairperson of the ADCF, an elder, preacher and worship leader.  He cares deeply for the Deaf Community, helping in many community roles and working with people in need.  Glenn is always ready to do whatever is needed for someone else.  Glenn has a strong commitment to teaching and to helping people from other countries.

Johanna & QSM

Johanna Brens

Johanna (D) is Vice Chairperson of the ADCF.  Initially she trained as a nurse, later becoming an Occupational Therapist, working with people with disabilities and others in the wider community of Auckland. In 1998 she went to England to train as a Hearing Dog trainer, returning

to New Zealand to become the first person here to have this qualification.  Johanna founded Hearing Dogs, setting up firstly in Auckland and then moving to New Plymouth, where the Hearing Dog training school continues to function.  Johanna has since returned to Auckland and after working as a Needs Assessor at Waitakere Hospital for sometime, has recently taken on the role of the ADCF’s Community Worker.  Johanna visits with members of the Fellowship and also with people in need, especially those Deaf who are in hospital and need to have someone who can help them communicate.

Koronawa Guikibau

Koronawa is a mebaby 3mber of the Committee and also one of our Deaf preachers.  He has also worked with children, teaching and is a Bible Study Group leader with his wife, Johanna (interpreter).  They have 3 lovely children and live in West Auckland.






Mavis and Des Marett

Special occasions are shared times together

Mavis and Des have been working with the Fellowship for a long time.  Both are Committee members and a lot more.   Des is the Treasurer and Mavis runs the social programmes as well as help to sign songs during the service, and helping with preaching and leading worship.  They are the people to contact when Sandra is not available – and are often contacted at other times too.  They live in West Auckland and have a long, long history of helping people



What we believe:


1. To  worship God in a way that  honours and best suits Deaf people.  

2. To use visual language and have services which are visually based.

3. To have creative and friendly services which are Deaf appropriate and use Deaf skills. 

4. To give support and fellowship to Deaf and    hearing impaired people.

5. To help meet the spiritual and physical needs within the Deaf and hearing impaired  community. 

6. To encourage and train Deaf and hearing impaired people to minister to others.

7. Make connections with other Deaf and hearing impaired groups, networks and individuals.