Heart for the Deaf Ministry

  • Is the church committed to the Deaf Ministry in the long term?
  • What is the ultimate vision for the Deaf Ministry?  
  • Is the church community committed to the Deaf Ministry?
  • You can never build a successful Deaf Ministry without a heart for Deaf people. — Two Goals: Goal 1: God’s love shared with Deaf:  Meet Deaf people in their own environment, don’t expect Deaf people to come to you.  Deaf people have their own community, language and culture.   Before trying to build a church, relate to people by learning the language. learning the culture and participating in the community.  When that is achieved, Goal 2: God’s love shared with Deaf: Build an inclusive church environment that is Deaf friendly.  Deaf people are ‘people of the eye’.  Most churches are ‘people of the ear’.  There will need to be interpreters, lots of visual input (powerpoint is a wonderful medium – what other new technology can help the visual imagery in the church?)  God’s love, shared
  • Comments: Your hands are one of the most important ways to help Deaf people know God.  Use them to speak, use them to care. Remember: Your hands are God’s hands, reflecting God’s love and care for Deaf and all people.  Often, hearing people do not think about the importance of hands, but for Deaf, this is paramount.sh on.

Stages of Ministry with Deaf people

  • Communication is the biggest problem for Deaf people.  Please make sure that you take time to communicate with Deaf people coming to hearing churches.  All Deaf people will do their very best to help communication.
  • Interpreting Ministry – Interpreters are essential when Deaf people come.  To begin with, Deaf people appeare to be onlookers and not involved. Hospitality will help break down the concerns and bridge the gaps.
  • Deaf Ministry (Hearing Church) – Deaf Bible Class. Deaf people involved as ushers, greeters, teachers, helpers, etc. Teach to needs of Deaf members.
  • Deaf Church – Separate services – Deaf Language & Culture. Meet the needs of Deaf community. Can meet at hearing church property or separate.
  • Deaf Ministers – Develop from within. Train ministry workers and interpreters. Improve the program. Evaluate ministry level: 1. Interpreting Ministry, 2. Deaf Ministry, 3. Deaf Church
  • Deaf people – Plan what to teach. Teach what they need.  What does this mean?  Don’t teach what is your favourite theme at the moment, because this may not be relevant for the people you are preaching to.  Teach what the Deaf congregation can understand and participate in.  
  • What theology is best for Deaf?  The simple knowledge that God’s care comes through from you.  Deaf people are frequently – but not always – concrete thinkers.  Deaf Liberation Theology looks at the ways in which Deaf people can receive God’s love and ALSO share an understanding of God from Deaf perspectives.  Never let us think that having Deaf ministry is one way.  Deaf people have much to teach and much to share.  Please let them.